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New  Batteries  for  Norman
200B  Packs

Page Updated:  Sept. 5, 2014

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Norman 200B Battery
with Charger

Item # 200B-1
New Lead Acid Battery for the 200B Power Pack
with Automatic Charger

The Automatic Charger is regulated
and will not overcharge the battery.
Note:  The Auto Charger is U.S. 110Volt

Charging is done Outside the
200B Power Pack and takes
1--3 hours for a full Charge.

Note:  By Outside the Pack:
We mean the battery can stay in the pack.
Just unplug the battery and plug it into the Auto Charger.

This battery CAN NOT be charged
using the Gray Cube Charger

Approx. Flashes:  100--225
Depending on your W/S settings
and the condition of your 200B.


This battery fits in the 200B Case
12Vdc  @  2.9Ah
Lead Acid Battery
No Memory Problems
Recharge Anytime
1 Year Warranty

Battery and Charger
$93.00 + Shipping   (via USPO Priority)

All International Purchases:
E-mail us for instructions.


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Norman 200B Lead Acid Battery         (#200B-1 Battery Only, No Charger)
$68.00 + Shipping  (via USPO Priority)

This Battery can NOT be charged using the Gray Cube Charger


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Norman 200B Flashtube


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Automatic Charger for
200B-G   or   200B-1
Lead-Acid Battery

This is a Automatic Maintenance Charger for
12V Lead Acid Batteries.

Light goes Green when charging is complete.

Please Note:  This Charger is U.S. 110Volt

$25.00 + Shipping  (via USPO Priority)


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